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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a Bouncy Castle.

To book your bouncy castle it is best to email us as this will provide a track record of our contact between each other. You are also welcome to phone us, however, we can’t always pick up the phone during the day on week days. You must be at least 21 years of age to book and our inflatables are for use by children only.

We will take all of the details for your booking and then send you a booking confirmation by email.

Payment: We do not require a booking deposit. Your hire fee must be paid to us by cash when we deliver and set up your bouncy castle. Please insure you have your cash payment ready before we arrive (pop to the cash point the day before). We may have a number of deliveries to complete within a very small time slot so we won't have time to wait.

I.D: You maybe asked to show I.D. on delivery. A passport or driver license and something to show where you live is ideal.

Where can inflatables be set up.

All our Inflatable units need a reasonably level and flat area of ground. We can set up on grass (no mud, sand or gravel). We can set up inflatables indoors (subject to space). We cannot set up on any outdoor hard standing. The set up area must be at ground level.

What time is delivery.

When your renting a Bouncy Castle for use at home, we will deliver it between the hours of 8am and 11am. Collections start at 6pm. If you are renting a Bouncy Castle for an event or venue then the times will be adjusted accordingly, however, we have limited delivery slots available for this so we advice booking very early.

Is it cheaper if I only rent for a few hours.

No the price remains the same regardless of how many hours you hire the equipment for. This is because the same amount of work is still required by us, when we deliver, set up and collect.

Do you charge for delivery.

Because we have so many local customers, on most occasions we do not charge for delivery, however, for deliveries that run beyond 12 miles we will charge £10 to cover some of the costs involving additional time and fuel. We will tell you if a delivery charge is applied when you contact us.

What happens if it's raining or very windy.

Our inflatable units are designed for outdoor use and this includes the air blowers, so it is perfectly safe to keep the equipment outside in rain, however, when it is raining you must switch off the equipment.

You cannot cancel your booking due to weather until the actual delivery date. If you do cancel before this date you maybe charged at 100% of the booking fee. If you would like to cancel due to rain then you need to phone us (not email) at least one hour before your delivery is due. If it is to windy we will contact you ourselves to cancel your booking at no cost. Windy weather cancellations can only be applied by us. As a professional hire business we have the right to refuse delivery if weather conditions do not allow for safe use of the equipment.